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26 June 2016 @ 07:37 am
I dreamed last night that I woke up with hair that was long enough to reach my hips again. This made me so happy that, in the dream I carefully didn't think about the fact that it was likely a dream to have recovered so quickly from the breaking that has shrunk it to only shoulder height. Instead I kept playing with it and looking in the mirror and enjoying it while it lasted. It was all just real enough as to be disappointing to look in the mirror this morning and see that it is still only shoulder lenght. How I wish I knew what would make it start growing again. While the overnight replacement of the dream was grand, I would settle for more lenght next year than Ihave this.
23 June 2016 @ 10:17 pm
I actually finished this project in April, but it took till now to get the photos off my camera. The case itself was 3-D printed by lord_kjar, and we both worked on the design till it was as small as it could be and still hold all four pairs at once (driving glasses, sun glasses, computer glasses, and sewing/lecture room glasses). I sewed the cloth cover, My apprentice did the tablet woven carrying strap, and the clasp is an old broken hard drive magnet.
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I really, really, love this case. It is strong enough to stand on, so I needn't fear damaging the glasses. It is light enough that I leave it hanging on my shoulder most of the day like a baldric, so they are in easy reach to change back and forth to the pair I need just now. It is bothersome to need so many pairs, but, since I do, I am glad we were able to make it easy to have them with me.
23 June 2016 @ 03:54 am
Tonight's Frostheim meeting was well attended. There were a total of seven of us (though one went home early, and lord_kjar got home from work late, and soon disappeared to the shop to repair the lawn mower (welding shut the crack in the metal that covers the rotating blades).

The rest of us worked on the banners needed to advertize our Medeltidsdagnara på Hägnan event next month.

I had bought four sheets at a second hand store the other week, and last Wednesday I drew on it the text "Medeltidsdagnara på Hägnan ons-lör vecka 29", and added a cute little medieval style dragonish creature breathing stylized fire that I found in the calligraphy book I looked at before drawing the M and the H.

I didn't get another chance to touch the project till tonight, when I put a bunch of them to work cutting the remaining sheets into half lengthwise (because I decided that the first banner was actually a bit big) and hemming them around a length of rope, while my senior apprentice and I went outside to paint the first banner.

After we painted that banner she helped the others with the sewing, while I started the penciling of the letters onto the first narrow banner they had finished. Everyone else went home at 22:30, after all but one seam of the banners had been sewen, and after they left I finished up the pencil lines on that banner, then drew the black permanent marker outline around the letters and over the dragon. Then I traced the letters and dragon from that banner onto another two, before deciding that I should be done for the night, since it was already nearly 02:00.

Then I sat down to the computer and did some work for the event, processing registrations, posting the forms for the arts and sciences contest, replying to email, etc. Now it is nearly 04:00, and I really should do my yoga and get to bed. Good thing I took tomorrow off of work.

Note that it never got dark all night, though we are, just, far enough south that the sun does set, briefly under the northern horizon, at mid summer, but this late into the day we are up to seriously full bright out there.
Last weekend was my sixth Spelmanstämman in Gammelstad since moving to Sweden. This event has always been one of my favourite times of the year. This year's was still fun, but slightly dampened by health issues. lord_kjar caught a cold some days before, and was coughing so much Friday night that O. and I went to the concert at the church without him (yes, he could have relaxed just as much at the concert as at home, but then his coughing would have disturbed the amazing music they were playing). I hadn't caught his cough, but had been feeling just on the edge of maybe could get sick if I didn't take it easy, so, of course, I went out anyway.

After the concert I hurried straight to the Gillestugan, as always, to enjoy the dancing. It would have been more fun if lord_kjar had been there, as he is still my all-time favourite dance partner, but I managed to find others to dance with (and occasionally danced alone, as one does when one isn't willing to sit out of a dance and there is no one left interested in dancing who isn't already doing so). Before I knew it it was 23:00, and time for our shift at the hamburger stand (working this shift gets us free entry to the above mentioned concert, and we have done it every year). lord_kjar arrived on time for our shift, not coughing as much, since he had taken yet another pill to help that, and he, O., and I had a pleasant hour hanging out, flipping burgers, and occasionally selling them to dancers and musicians needing a food break.

We were all feeling tired, so rather than staying and dancing or enjoying music we went home to get some rest, since Saturday was going to be a full-on day. lord_kjar wasn't feeling any better in the morning, so while he came along to be sociable and enjoy listening to music, he didn't join in our dance performance. This meant that no one got to fly this year, since he is the only one of us strong enough to be the base for that. It also meant that each of us ladies had to sit out one dance, since we had to do a six-person show instead of an eight-person show. Ok, we did have our teacher's daughter join us in his place for Zappo, the fun Finnish folk dance we do, but her recent knee injury meant that her limit was one dance.

The weather over the weekend was rainy, but we lucked out for the performance--there was a bit of sun peaking through the clouds in the morning for long enough to dry the dance stage, so we could do the performance without worrying about slipping. There is a video of the dance ( lord_kjar was able to film it, since he wasn't dancing), and I will try to get a copy somewhere so that at least mom can see it (they have shared it in the secret FB group for Danskul, but that version isn't downloadable, and there is no point in trying to link to it, since you all would just get error messages, but at least I know that, despite the last minute changes to the set, we did ok).

By about 14:00 I was feeling really tired and ready to go home, so lord_kjar drove me home, where I took a couple of hour nap, while he went back to listen to more music and take it easy. I woke up with enough energy to cook a yummy soup, and my friend V., who had been in town and Luleå Pride with O. and a bunch of the other Phire people, came over to help me eat it before heading to the folk dance with us that night. That evening lord_kjar did come along, but, since he was sick he opted not to dance till shortly before our shift at the hamburger stand at 23:00. The band that was playing just then felt kinda smug that theirs was the only band to which lord_kjar danced all evening, since he usually has a reputation for dancing all night.

Once again we went home directly after burgers, and it felt really good to do my yoga and get to bed. Sunday I chose to stay home and work on stuff for our Medeltidsdagarna på Hägnan event that I am helping to run, but lord_kjar went back out, participated in the parade, performed with the nyckleharpa group, and listened to music. I was sad to miss out on the final day of the event, but since I didn't want to actually cross the line into being sick, I think it was wise to stay home, rather than spending the time outside in the rain.

Monday and today I met my Master's student to work on data processing from the last laser-ablation session, and it went really well. Tomorrow I plan to work from home on that grant application in progress that has been neglected recently, and I have taken Thursday and Monday off of work. Since Friday is a holiday (Midsummer is a big deal in Sweden), that means I will have plenty of time to try to catch up on stuff and relax, both.

Friday will, of course, be more folk dance, and the traditional dancing around a flower-covered phallic symbol with balls hanging from a cross-piece.
14 June 2016 @ 05:58 pm
Once again life seems to have hit one of those phases wherein I am either super busy doing stuff away from a computer, or I am at a computer doing stuff that can't wait. This means that I haven't been posting lately (though likely only Mom really notices when I don't).

What do I remember from the past week and a half?

Nationaldag was fun--performed Swedish folk dance (of course), got called up on stage to be given a Swedish pin and flag to commemorate by becoming a Swedish Citizen last year, and while up there I also advertized the Medieval Days at Hägnan event that I am helping to run next month.

Wednesday of last week the Laser Lab had its first external client, so I spent all day in the lab with her shooting the laser in grid patterns over crystals of her choice in her rock samples so that we could make maps of the trace element distribution in the crystals.

Since I worked 10 hours on Wednesday, and I work only half-time, I took Thursday off. That evening, and all day on Friday F & O came over for sewing. F managed to cut out and machine sew his jester costume coat and legs, and he started hand-sewing the hood with decorative embroidered seams. O worked on several different projects, and I managed to work out the pattern for my jester costume, which will be an odd blend of Eura dress sleeves with a fitted greenland gown sort of body, so now I have both the linen under layer and wool over layer cut out, and have started sewing each. I am sewing them in tandem--right now all of the pieces are still pinned with the linen piece attached to the corresponding wool piece, and a label saying which is which. Every time I unpin two of them together I promptly sew the linen one to its mate and the wool one to its mate. That way they will both be done around the same time.

In between all of the above I made good progress on getting all of the old wallpaper off of the kitchen wall where we will be putting the pantry, and got it sanded and ready to paint. As soon as this posts I will go to the kitchen and start painting. When all three layers (one base coat, and two blue) are done and dried we can start building the pantry. I am so looking forward to having enough shelves for the food that some containers don't hide behind others.

This week I have been processing the data from last week's lab work, and have solved some problems with the data, so am quite pleased with how it is going.

This weekend is Spelmansstämman, one of my favourite weekends of the year, full of Swedish folk music and dance, and, of course, our dance group's performance.
05 June 2016 @ 12:17 am
Years ago, my boyfriend from when I lived in Oregon (to whom I am still squired in the SCA, never mind that he is inactive, and I haven't seen him in person since I visited on my way to Italy in 2009) sent me his ponytail when he cut it off, since he had only started growing his hair out because I liked it.

These days, probably due to the dry climate here, my hair has gotten so short that my braids are no longer visible when wearing my head scarf from my Swedish folk dance costume.

Therefore, I just got out his hair from the drawer in which it was stored, braided it and sewed it to a band of fabric. Now I can wrap the band around my head and pin it into place, then cover my head with the folk dance costume scarf, and the braids hang out long enough to show.

To make it even more fun, his hair is a fairly typical Swedish dark blond colour. Therefore, when I am getting my Swedish pin on Monday (National Dag) to commemorate my becoming a Swedish Citizen last year, I will look more Swedish than I do without his braids. :-)

Would I rather my hair were still long enough to show under the scarf? Yes, of course I do. But since it isn't, I may as well borrow his, he isn't using it anyway.
03 June 2016 @ 08:14 pm
Someone has posted on facebook some videos from our choir concert last month. I figure at least mom will want to see them:

Video #1

Video #2
30 May 2016 @ 09:55 am
Today our Division at work is heading off to the Gällivare area, where we will tour the old Nautenen mine and look at the geology all afternoon. This evening we will stay at a hotel, and tomorrow morning will be spent in a meeting before returning to Luleå.

Needless to say, I won't be accomplishing any work stuff today, but in theory the trip is good for team building. And I am making progress on my book as we drive (three hour bus ride, of which two hours have elapsed thus far).
It is now summer in the north, the birch tree has managed to grow most of its leaves, the smultron(wild strawberry) have started to flower, the current bushes are putting out clumps of things which will become flowers, followed by berries. The spinach and chard seeds we planted are starting to grow tiny little leaves, and the day time highs are getting up to around 20 C.

Now that it is warm enough to open doors and windows in the house I have finally started scraping away the wallpaper on the west wall of the kitchen in preparation for painting that wall. I have never liked that paper, and only tolerated leaving it there because we had covered most of the wall with bookshelves to serve as a pantry, so only a few of the huge, ugly, teal flowers showed above the top of the shelves. However, lord_kjar wanted more room in the kitchen, and we have decided to build a small walk-in pantry on half of that wall, and open up the rest of the space for other use. Step one towards this goal was building the downstairs pantry, where the duplicate packages of food now lives, so we don't need as much shelf space. Now I have moved the remaining bookcases into the living room just on the other side of the kitchen door, so that the wall is empty. Based on how long it took to remove the first panel of wall paper, I think it will take about 12 hours to get the wall clean and empty, then we can sand it up, fill in holes, and paint it. After that we can finally start building my new pantry.

One could argue that pantry building should have been a winter project, because now it is earth cellar building season. Indeed, today would have been a fabulous day for it. But this weekend C. is home for a visit (her summer job is in the south of Sweden, and was too good of an opportunity to refuse just because she had only just moved here), so lord_kjar set aside the weekend to relax with her instead of working on projects.

Most of the rest of my free time is spent doing stuff for our Medieval Days at Hägnan event in July, since I am one of the autocrats.

Monday & Tuesday I have an obligatory "meeting" for work (read excursion to see a mine up in the Gällivare area and stay overnight at a hotel there before returning on Tuesday), so nothing will be accomplished on the work front.