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24 November 2015 @ 04:30 pm
As most of you have probably noticed by now, I am really fond of winter and snow, and have been unhappy with the really mild winters we have been having because they aren't cold enough. Because I thought I might just be imagining it, I started keeping a record of how many days in a row the weather was either above zero C, below zero C, or saw both sides of zero in the same day. In my opinion, winter should be a several month long period of time wherein the temperatures never rise above freezing. By that definition we haven't had winter since I started keeping records. I just checked my records--the longest period we have had where it didn't warm up above freezing was 16 days in January. In contrast, we had 101 days in a row this summer that stayed above freezing (the last day of which was 1 September). So far our record number of days in a row wherein it was both above and below freezing each day was 13 days.

I was really hoping that this winter would be better--that once it got down to decent winter temperatures it would stay there. But so far it isn't looking good. We just had three beautiful cold days, but it has warmed up, and they say it will rain tomorrow. We don't have much snow yet--only a handful of cm covering the ground--too much rain will wash it away, and then it will be dark again. I hope it doesn't get that bad...
20 November 2015 @ 03:21 pm
Today it has gone back below freezing, and has snowed enough I actually got out the shovel. I really love shoveling snow (with today's push-shovels), I think it is my favourite form of manual labour.

In other news I have managed to wash most of the shire tablecloths (there are still a couple of loads to go, but nearly done), and re-arrange the furniture in the office today. Moving furniture (and cleaning in the process) is also one of my favourite activities--it is almost as much fun as moving. Ok, so I am weird, but I actually like to move house, too--all of it: the pre-packing organization, the packing, the unpacking, and finding the best place for everything on the other end... I think this is why I like SCA camping events so much--I get to move house on a small scale. I kind of miss living in a place where there was a camping event every weekend.
19 November 2015 @ 01:42 pm
I am sad to report that after last night's snow we had rain this morning, which has removed all the snow on the roads and side walks, and all but a tiny hint of it on the fields. I hope this doesn't turn out to be the pattern for the winter, yet am fearful it might be, since that it what happened the winter before last...

However, anytime I am despairing over our weirdly warm winters here in the north, I can read blamebrampton's reports on spring and summer heat down under, and realize that, actually, this isn't anywhere near as bad as things could be. Take care, drink water, keep cool...
18 November 2015 @ 10:47 pm
Over the past couple of weeks temperatures have been flitting back and forth over freezing, with a fair bit of rain and the occasional snowfall, which melted pretty much straight away. We did wake up one morning to a couple millimetres cover, which was lovely, but didn't survive till mid-morning.

This evening it is still hovering around 0 C, but we have already collected a good centimeter of snow, and it is still drifting down in fat, fluffy flakes. If I am very lucky it will stick this time. I have had more than enough rain, and am really looking forward to winter. I am a bit envious of my friends elsewhere who already have decent snow cover.

In other news, now that the Norrskensbardmantel is done I have returned to work on my sexy Viking cloak, this time with osenstitch, and it looks so much better!
16 November 2015 @ 07:12 pm
This got long (no surprise there), so: Friday summaryCollapse )

Saturday summaryCollapse )

Sunday summaryCollapse )
Which meant I had time to go home, take a short nap, unpack most things, and still make it to Swedish folk dance that night.

Much to my surprise, after spending a weekend at a major feast, I weighed a full kilo less this morning than I had on Friday morning. Today's weight was 55.3 kg (about 121.9 lbs), which is the smallest number I have seen since purchasing the scale. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, while I ate something every round, I told the servers to only give me tiny bits of each item, since I didn't feel that hungry (except for the rice pudding with raisins and lingon berries--I had a normal size serving of that, yum!), and my total intake for each day was noticeably less by volume than I normally eat. I think I may have made up for it today though--it will be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow.
15 November 2015 @ 09:53 pm
But now I need to sleep, so remind me that I want to do a long post about it later...
13 November 2015 @ 12:36 am
Ok, so I have book the food for Friday dinner and breakfast Saturday and Sunday. I have packed my costumes and other things I need (save for bedding, because I want to sleep under that tonight) and printed my documentation, the menu, the check-in list, and labels for the two jars of svartvinbärssylt I am giving in thanks for help on the cloak. I have ordered other thank you gifts from a merchant who will be there, and baked cloak-cookies as yet more thank you gifts. I have answered all the emails, posted the schedule and last minute reminders. We have entertainers. We have bardic contest entrants. We have the cloak to present to the winner. Even after the last-minute cancellations we are still more than 65 people expected to be on site.

I think I am ready for the event. Now to do yoga and get some sleep. Tomorrow I head to the event.
08 November 2015 @ 08:55 pm
Ok, we managed soemthing resembeling a photo tonight while at dance. Will try for a better one over the weekend (...am considering making some sort of stand to have it on display during the feast--that would make getting a photo *much* easier.)

07 November 2015 @ 10:28 pm
Well, except for the clasp, which still needs to be attached, the cloak for the Norrskensbard is complete. I think that can wait for tomorrow. But why is it so hard to find a decent photo of other clasps of this type actually in use?